A Stewardship Prayer

Jesus, I give my whole life to you. I thank you for creating me, dying for me, and rising for me. In gratitude, I offer myself to you, asking for the grace to keep you first in my heart. Please give me a spirit of service and love so I can pour out myself for others as you did for me. Help me to use everything you have given me to serve you, my parish, and all those around me. Amen


According to a statement from the U. S. Bishops’ Pastoral letter on Stewardship, “As Christian stewards, we receive God’s gifts gratefully, cultivate them responsibly, share them lovingly in justice with others, and return them with increase to the Lord.” Therefore, the essence of stewardship is recognizing that everything we have comes from God, and in gratitude we offer everything back to him. It’s not just donating an amount of money or volunteering a few hours a week.

Stewardship is a complete lifestyle; it is responsible management of our God-given resources of time, talent and treasure. It enhances our relationship with God and one another. Stewardship of Time involves personal and family prayer, attending Mass regularly, reading of Scripture and keeping a prayerful mind. Stewardship of Talent is letting the Holy Spirit work through you by volunteering, joining parish ministries, attending parish events, and using your God-given talents to help. Stewardship of Treasure consists of budgeting your monetary tithes and being faithful to it.

Stewardship is living out a commitment to be Christ-centered rather than self-centered. It is a lifelong journey and each of us is at our own place on the path.


St. John the Evangelist Ministries

Altar Servers ~ Lynnette Kenworthy

Black Catholic Ministry ~ Kevin Dobard
(229) 269-9878, kdobard@att.net

Children’s Liturgy of the Word ~ No Leader at This Time

Greeters ~ Sheryl Dasinger
(229) 241-8969(H)

Lectors ~ Marian Burns
(229) 794-9422, burns9771@sbcglobal.net
Michelle Kirkpatrick
(229) 244-2430

Ushers ~ William Okuma
(229) 244-8139, okumaillouise@bellsouth.net

Adult Choir ~ Ann Hilgert
(229) 247-1288, ahilgert@bellsouth.net
Ricardo Ipina
(229) 563-1082

Folk Choir ~ David McNutt
(229) 630-0349, McNuttd@bellsouth.net

Youth Choir ~ Brittany Pellitteri

Church Nursery ~ Hanna Everitt
(229) 247-8942, heveritty@aol.com

Religious Education (Catechists & Aides) ~ Susan Kramer
(229) 244-2430, skramer@stjohnevang.org

Middle School Youth (Grades 6-8) ~ Leader Needed
If interested, call Church office, 229-244-2430

High School Youth Group ~ Penny and Daniel Storey,
pendaladaniel@gmail.com, (229) 263-1566

Newman Center (Catholic on Campus at VSU) ~ Lynnette Kenworthy, lynnette.kenworthy@me.com

Pre-Cana Marriage Prep ~ Deacon Pete & Cathy Falkenhausen,
(229) 241-7184, PFalkon5@icloud.com

RCIA Team ~ Deacon Paul & Sue Worth,
(229) 263-5659, deaconpaul@stjohnevang.org

Meal Ministry ~ Leader Needed
If interested, call Church office, 229-244-2430

Parish Life Committee ~ Tony Barfield

Stewardship Committee ~ Lee Crosby, leecrosby@millerhardware.com

Maintenance Committee ~ Ed Knowles,
(229) 563-3199, stri6090@bellsouth.net

Young at Heart Seniors ~ Linda & Mitch Rohrbach
(573) 619-1191, ltrohrbach@gmail.com